Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Writer

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Welcome to Tobias Roote's Books

The site is now finished (barring ongoing updates) and fully LIVE. Visitors can purchase books from this (fully secured) website knowing that all of the proceeds will go directly to the author (me). If you join my newsletter (top-left corner of screen) I can keep you up to date with my blog and new releases and when special deals and offers arise you will be the first to hear of them.

You might see a few adverts in out of the way places. There's always the hope that monetising the site in this way might help contribute towards the running costs of hosting and purchasing software. I'm trying to make sure these adverts are relevant to my readers so they shouldn't be a problem for anyone. 

Temporary setback - nothing to see here

I had high hopes of providiing readers with a direct shoplink for my books to be bought on-site. However, the software that I had made proved not fit for purpose in practice so I've temporarily withdrawn it until I can source a more reliable ebook shop system. The links through Books2Read are working well though, and judging by the throughput on those buttons, you like the ease with which they work. I might just keep it like that, except I really DO want to be able to sell you my books directly without the big boys taking their cut and keeping me separated from my readers.

On that note, are you interested in joining my mailing list? The only reason I ask is that it's becoming prohibitively expensive to advertise on Facebook, Amazon, Bookbub and the like and this inevitably leads to a margin being built into my book prices to cover marketing and publicity. If I can reach you and your SF friends with a newsletter I can save money, and keep my prices down. If you are interested please click the link below and let me know that this is the right way to proceed in the future. 

For those that are concerned the information I keep is only the information you provide me with and it's NEVER shared with third parties. It will only be used to keep in touch with you on my books and special offers and deals that I run from time to time. If you purchase books from my site the information held is limited to that which is provided by the payment providor and does not include your financial details.