Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Writer

Tobias RooteWelcome to my new website where you can buy my books knowing all the proceeds are going to the author and not a large corporate monoply. 

I mainly write Space Opera and speculative SF books that encourage the idea that a future world with AI is not necessarily a bleak place.

Please share this place with your SF friends and look out for my blog updates and new releases.

Thank you

Tobias Roote

Welcome to Tobias Roote's Books

Well, it was all going so well! I had the ecommerce software running perfectly, the images were upgraded, the audiofiles uploaded and the system reconfigured to handle ebooks and audiobooks at the same time. I had rehashed the descriptions, tweaked this, twerked that and then launched the new options onto the internet. I forgot about the gremlins. Them buggahs just wiped me out and I spent a good day and a half trying to retrieve everything - to no avail. It is what it is, and what 'it' is, is a backup from the 13th April and that's as good as it gets!

Give me two-three days and I will have the shop online again. In the meantime you can still purchase the ebooks. Thanking you in advance, Tobias

Also, here's a quick link to each of my e-Books. There's another link on each book page that will take you to your preferred store.

The Pattern Ship 200x300 POD 200x300 The Nubl Wars 200x300 Exodus 200x300

To go directly to an individual book sales page just click on the specific image. 

Aaron 200x273i artis prime200x267 mutanthunter 100x133 RigelianGambit 150x200