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A Summer Project:

 I decided to do something different this summer. When the heat gets too much to spend time outdoors working on the land I tend to write or do anything that relates to staying in the shade and reducing my heat stress. This year I decided to build a website for authors, specifically Science Fiction authors. It was for a domain I'd had for ...
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A little bit about me and where I hang my hat.

I live on the Greek island of Corfu. It's a couple of 'sea miles' from Albania across the Ionian strait where in winter we can see icecaps on the mountain range stretching all the way down the Albanian coast. From here it's a few hours ferry journey south to the Greek mainland where pretty much all of our supplies originate. When the weather's...
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Pruning Time

This time of year represents a period of weight loss and super fitness. With a hillside of 1:1 much of the distance and two-hundred metres from top to bottom (and back up again) means we work hard just to get up and down the hill many times a day. At the beginning it's all I can do to walk up the hill with stopovers for a breather. By the...
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Gardening, a pastime to add colour to our lives.

We moved here in May 2016 which was a warm and delightful Spring time. As soon as we settled we began turning a poorly maintained garden into one worthy of the property. Breaking the clay into workable soil took us two years while the constant incursion of goats and hot baking summers meant we had our work cut out ...
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From where comes the soul?

and more importantly - where does it go when you die? It's a serious question that has baffled science for decades. But, my new series I'm working on 'The Soulborn' sheds light on that in a way that really screws with the concept of human evolution. One of the biggest interests I inherited from my father who was always interested in the o...
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