Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Writer

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Want to read my Audiobooks for only £3.99 each? Now you can!

It's not often a deal is worth pursuing, but occasionally one comes along and we think, 'Hang On! That's a pretty good offer' So, it is with Amazon's Black Friday deal on Audible UK membership. For only £3.99 a month for the first four months, then £7.99 a month thereafter. It can save you lots of money. You can get these books above for free, one per month, and still buy others for low, low prices.

Here's the Special Offer link [Audible Black Friday Deal] 


Also, here's a quick link to each of my e-Books. There's another link on each book page that will take you to your preferred store.

The Pattern Ship 200x300 POD 200x300 The Nubl Wars 200x300 Exodus 200x300 Aaron 200x273i artis prime200x267 mutanthunter 100x133 RigelianGambit 150x200
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