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Great News! I'm Back!

I seem to have setback after setback at the moment. A form of aggressive allergic conjunctivitis has plagued me since the beginning of the year which we think might have something to do with the feral cats that frequent our villa all year round. (They aren't always in the best of condition). We feed them and if we can get them to accept us, get them 'doctored' to help keep the local population down and give them a better life without interfering with them overly. They're great for keeping rats and snakes away from the villa. As we're in the middle of a rural olive grove on a remote hillside this can be an issue. Stray dogs, foxes and pine martens also keep away with these sharp-clawed cats prowling the place, so it's a good trade-off.

However, I need to make sure that I'm not making problems for myself by being too friendly with them as I can't imagine carrying on writing if this problem persists. Having said that I'm currently going through a period of fairly clear vision so am taking the opportunity to press on with some writing (hence this post).

The Transhuman War is in the works and I'm hopeful of getting the major part of the book finished before the winter. Also, the audio books are moving strongly ahead. Nubl Wars audio book should be published this month and Exodus by Christmas. This will complete the series too date with The Transhuman War being done next Spring.

More about The Transhuman War  [here].



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