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From where comes the soul?

The Soulborn The Soulborn series is coming soon

and more importantly - where does it go when you die?

It's a serious question that has baffled science for decades. But, my new series I'm working on 'The Soulborn' sheds light on that in a way that really screws with the concept of human evolution. 

One of the biggest interests I inherited from my father who was always interested in the occult and mystical journey of the individual, is my desire is to understand the mind and the subconscious aspects of that phenomenon that we call the 'soul'. 

The 'soul' is in reality a belief system that we have developed over centuries. Like faith and religion it has no place in the 'real' world, but gives solace and direction to help individuals base their morals and principles on - a foundation that can be weighed and measured and generally found wanting. Expressions like 'He has no soul' or it was a 'soleless experience' or 'she was a good soul' are simply ways we measure the goodness of a person.

So, if we accept in principle that the soul is a mental condition that we've willed into being, then it cannot have any impact on us or others whilst we live, and more importantly, when we die. It's a bubble of consciousness that we allow to exist by simply believing that we have it. Like faith and religion, it makes us feel better to think there is something there that will catch us when we fall. An insurance policy with no default. You can collect on it at any time even if you don't believe in it. (Or so they would have you believe). In truth there is no soul, no faith or religion that withstands the critical scrutiny of objectivity. Therefore, the 'Soulborn' can't exist can it?

But, what if the soul isn't what we think it is, an extension of our human psyche? What if, in fact, the individual doesn't have a soul, but instead the soul has an individual? Perhaps we should rethink our position in this world (and the next) and accept that it's possible to have a soul, but that it doesn't belong to us, instead we belong to it.

This is the premise that is explored in 'The Soulborn' which I've classified as Paranormal Science Fiction and the first book is written and currently being rewritten for the fourth time. It's a heavy subject and it's necessary to approach it with a light touch to get the story right. The soul is not a delicate thing, but our hold on it is tenuous and the story reflects that. The MC, Toby is the human vehicle for this exploration of the soul and as the story develops you begin to think in terms of a new raft of possibilities. It will shake your world if you have faith and test your ideas of religion's very foundations. It's meant to.

I hope to have this book completed by the end of this winter and be onto the second which should be written faster once I've committed the first book to publication. 

I'll give you fair warning of its publication closer to the time. It will change the way you think - about everything.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020
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