Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Writer

The The Transhuman War 200x300

There is a new Pattern Universe book coming.

I always intended to write this book, but couldn't get the plot together in my head sufficiently to proceed. Things change, the mind rests and eventually gathers itself. Now, I'm in the process of putting the words on the digital page to write a novel that encompasses much of what went before into a new story with many original characters.

The Transhuman War encompasses life beyond the quantum jump that enabled humanity to escape the Nubl hordes. As we know, Arty and XeraC along with the inhabitants of both Alpha Station and ARK4 got thrown back into the past. Meanwhile, everyone else exists in the current time, but what happens when they are suddenly faced with a human civilisation that has had one hundred years to settle in.

Is it going to be 'home from home', or are there going to be issues that a frightened motley exodus have to deal with?

Imagine a world where people you know have had a century to prepare for your coming, then think about how that will work out with artificial intelligence, friends and family separated by time and events. Above all there is one single Transhuman who is used to being in control and has plans that none of the others know about. It will surely end in war, but who, or more importantly what will survive?

Transhuman Wars is the story that bridges time between the Earth of today and the Empires of tomorrow and leads the reader to the next series, Artis Prime, Epsilon Gamma and Zeta Nine.

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