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The Pattern Ship

The Pattern Ship

Book 1 of the Pattern Universe



"This is not your usual alien vs humanity novel"

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You have to feel sorry for an alien who wakes up on Earth after hibernating for millennia only to find his own race gone - destroyed centuries earlier by a ruthless hive of artificial intelligence. All that remains are humans, who have yet to evolve sufficiently to bypass their own shortcomings and unify as a race to work toward a common goal.

The alien, Zirkos, chooses to befriend a US Vet named Zeke Callaghan who possesses a rare component he needs to complete his spaceship's revival - an exotic meteor fragment currently buried in Zeke's head. A bond is forged between the two bringing with it remarkable technological advances in personal safety and an end to humanity's incessant demand for war. The breakthrough ultimately proves a catalyst to launch humanity into space.

From there events quickly take on a life of their own as the duo battle to bring Earth to a state of readiness to defend them from the approaching threat of 'The Nubl'.

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Good Book
reat terran space opera. Thinking on the plot (alien crash lands on earth, liases, world peace ensues), makes it sound rather boring, so I suppose that the interest and engagement comes from the execution, which is skillful and subtle. I never felt beat over the head, except in discussing the different aliens, which are a blip on the larger plot at this point in the story, ending aside. Good book.
By Shhhhh Ahhhhh on 2019-03-12
A gripping story of Alien meets Human
was intrigued by the introduction of this book, advanced alien meets human and somehow the connection is meant to help humanity. The author didn't let me down for after a very good backstory set up that laid out the arc of the story without giving anything away, the story propelled me into the lives and decisions of personalities, human and AI. As a software developer I had an affinity towards books that deal with AI and in this first novel, the author did a good job of give a reasonable suspension of disbelief in regards to its, and the aliens' actions regarding the main character. By the end of the book I was fully engaged, on the edge of my proverbial seat and desperate to read the next book to see what happens to the main characters. All in all a very good read and a good lead in to the next book in the series.
By Justin Hull on 2019-03-10
A Great story
Boy if you like science fiction you are going to love this book. It has all the makings of a great series. Good versus evil, future implications and utopin dreams! I can't wait to read the next book in this series.
By Jimmy D on 2019-03-10
A fun read
An enjoyable read. Fun and plot twists come at a good pace. The author uses good imagination to spin a good story.
By DWM on 2019-03-10
Oustanding Read
Started off fast and never slowed down Character development keep my wanting to turn the page Can’t wait to start next book Highly recommended if you enjoy great sci-fi
By MillerJ64 on 2019-03-10
Loved This Book!
I simply loved this book!! Scifi, murder mystery, AI emergence, trying to unite the world, alien intrusion, this book has it as for Scifi fans. Damn good read, have been reading scifi for over 50 years, this rates. Can't wait to read Pod, the next book in the line, and yes I just bought it. Am following this author now.
By Stephen Michaelson on 2019-03-10
An excellent read.
A excellent start to this writers series of first contact with an Alien Race and humans on Earth. When an Artificial Intelligence finds itself and its creator unable to escape its enemy’s, it chooses to find somewhere to land. The AI waits until the conditions of the planet release it from the surrounding landmass to begin to rebuild itself. The creator had its own downloaded consciousness implanted into the AI’s data banks and comes back to consciousness and creates a body to place itself in. Together they study the planet and the higher sentient life forms on the planet. Finding a metal that should not be on this planet, in the body of the human and which is also killing the human, the AI and its creator transport the human to its ship. I enjoy first contact scenarios and this one is very good. The steps are not rushed and seem logical. So a solid 5 stars from my opinion.
By A Customer on 2019-03-10
Rating: 4.86
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