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Sky City: Pattern Universe (4)

 by Tobias Roote

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Book Description:

The race to defend Earth against the oncoming storm of Nubl hordes has begun.

Humanity is on a knife-edge, despite surviving the first invading fleet of Shadow ships, a repeat attack would seriously damage Earth - it might not be able to survive. 

While Space Island frantically shores up Earth’s defences, in an effort to increase its chance of survival, scientists and politicians also recognise the need to protect humanity from eradication. Plans are put into effect and decisions made to ensure civilisation and newly discovered technology is protected in the hope that one day the Nubl will be defeated, and planet Earth recovered. 

One man, extremely powerful and very determined, believes he has the answer to ensure his personal survival. He sets about to beg, borrow and steal everything he needs to achieve his ambition. When he succeeds beyond his wildest dreams, he discovers the ultimate irony - that to survive, he must be the first to die. 



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