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POD: Pattern Universe (2)


 by Tobias Roote

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Book Description:

POD is an Artificial Intelligence in the early stages of growing sentience. Torn between its own desires and the logic and the plight of the planet Earth, it tries to navigate a way through its new responsibilities. In an effort to follow through the last instructions from Ship and Zirkos it's Maker, POD nonetheless decides on an independent course of action, that in the final event - saves the day for humanity.

The absence of Zirkos and Ship forces POD to appreciate the fact it alone holds the technical blueprints of a thousand worlds. It is a burden that it shoulders without apparent concern. However, it understands also the moral and ethical principles instilled in it by its Maker and therefore is careful of the consequences of sharing that knowledge with Humanity.


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I mainly write Space Opera and speculative SF books that encourage the idea that a future world with AI is not necessarily a bleak place.

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