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Book 2 of The Pattern Universe



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Humanity has managed to develop its fledgling World Space Council, but it's still far from being effective and there are those who do not want it to succeed at all.

Meanwhile, the alien AI, Pod, is the only thing standing between them and those intent on eradicating all biological sentience within the galaxy. It's almost too much for the tiny escape pod that has been left in charge of Earth's safety.

So, while humans continue to war with each other over who should lead them into a future fraught with uncertainty and danger, the tiny AI attempts to ensure the eventual winner has something to defend Earth with. It doesn't help that the AI has been inadvertently damaged from the use of contaminated Alacite from it's adopted 'Maker', Zeke.

As Pod explores its growing abilities, it finds that Zeke's thoughts on artificial sentience begin to gel with it's budding awareness. However, with everything that is happening Pod has no time to ponder its own existence when the 'real' action starts

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Product reviews (10)

pulling together of charactors
can't wait for the next one
By herb gonzalez on 2019-05-10
Enjoyable read,
Loved the character pod! Never put it down. So Looking forward to the next book, not crazy for the war stories but do love the " inventions" of the future
By Deborah C. on 2019-05-10
I could not put it down
POD is a great read. I could not put it down.
By Stephen Camp on 2019-05-10
Great adventure, cliff hanger
The first two books blended Together nicely. The characters were well developed and believable. I really love ancient spaceship technology discovered by modern man and used Justin time to defeat aliens.
By TGH on 2019-05-10
I love the style of writing, the characters and the story. Keeps me interested every moment. Now onto book 3!
By Ali Cecil on 2019-05-10
Pod power
Reading this book about the pod gives the reader a chance to understand what might happen if an artificial intelligence were to take over. There would no doubt be good and bad happenings! In this case the pod exists to help humanity against an unknown but vicious alien adversary. The characters are fairly well developed and the story holds the attention of the reader. Definitely worth taking time to read.
By Traveler46 on 2019-05-10
POD (The Pattern Universe Book 2)
This is another great book in the series of a single alien, who befriends the humans on earth to help them in trying to survive a mechanical hive type creature. These mechanical creatures want to ensure that no biological entities are left in the universe. The artificial intelligence POD has decided to watch and wait to see which human faction succeeds in uniting the humans. Intense conflicts and fast moving action are in this book.
By Nana on 2019-05-10
Not a stand alone novel, but good continuation of the 1st
This second novel carries on the main mission of the primary characters introduced in book 1. A short review really for like the first, the pacing and plot twists were strong which kept me engaged. However, I was troubled when the author introduced a second antagonist that seemed....well, distracting to the main purpose of the book. As well, the "science" was starting to border on outside suspension of disbelief though still acceptable. Reading this book is required to coming the story of whether the human race will survive or not. It is a good read, but has rumblings of the focus slipping.
By Justin Hull on 2019-05-10
Another superb book in an outstanding series
There are view series that I have read and couldn't wait for the next book in the series. Terry Brooks Shannara series being one of the best and this one being not too far behind. The level of detail describing the Nubl and their civilization is wonderful. I get a real sense of who they are and what motivates them. The regular characters even though they appear in every book have enough new facets to their characters to keep them interesting. One of the things I detest in many series is the longevity of the villain. In this series the villain hangs around long enough to hate, but not so long that they become boring and detract from the storyline. And then Tobias brings in another villain with different evil motivations for us to hate Tobias Roote has a talent for story telling with an eye for scientific detail. If you like science fiction with a lot of believable science and great warfare action this is the series for you.
By Chris on 2019-05-10
Red Posy
Confusion time I have never been a big fan of this kind of book. BUT you sure have changed that. I fell in love with the first one so much I immediately just bought the series. Something I hardly ever do. But there is something about POD and Zeke that just cracks me up. Then pulls at my heart strings too. And I don't get me started on Ferris. The first two book are definitely a 5 for me and I can't wait to get started on the next one. I would recommend these books to anyone over the age of 10. They are awesome.
By Rose on 2019-05-10
Rating: 4.70
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