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The Pattern Ship AudioBook

The Pattern Ship AudioBook

Book 1 of the Pattern Universe


This Audio Book narrated by Edward J Beesley contains ambient background sound to enhance the reading experience. I offer this audiobook for FREE in return for an honest and positive review. Any feedback can also be emailed to me at 'sales @ tobiasroote. com' (remove spaces)

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In the year 2020, a landslide awakens the AI of an alien Escape Pod which had crashed and sunk into a prehistoric swamp. Now it must utilize ancient patterning technology to reconstitute its Master. However, it proves no easy mission as it scours this strange new world for essential materials to rebuild.

As a homeless man, Zeke has worked hard to claim a back-alley as his own territory where a restaurant’s staff leave him food scraps. As if things aren’t bad enough Zeke’s on a dark government watchlist. He has a partial metal skull, forged from a meteorite and hammered into shape by a Middle-Eastern Blacksmith. The strange alloy has irreversibly bonded with his brain and is leaking into his DNA, changing it.

When the newly-revived Master discovers that the only source of an essential component for its ship is the foreign material in Zeke’s head it faces a difficult moral dilemma. The Master comes from a race that reveres all biological life wherever it is found, and Zeke will die if the metal cap is removed.

It’s left to the AI to find another way?

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It might have been a good story...
It might have been a good story if the narrator had been able to just read the book. But they tried to get fancy and added background NOISE. It sounded like they found the oldest building in town, went to the basement, found the squirrel cage with the worst bearings, running on high and had the narrator try to read the book with that in the background. I stopped listening after 15 minutes. I tried to stick with it, but the background NOISE was just too annoying. Next time, just read the book and forget the fancy stuff.
By Bob H. on 2019-05-07
Exciting techno-adventure
The book starts out much like a textbook on future technologies, but once the unfamiliar technology is established the author weaves endearing human and AI personalities into the fray. Really enjoyed the story and look forward to the next one.
By UGrandcalia on 2019-05-07
Pattern Ship - Good read
Only issue is with the editor. Apparently the editor didn't read the book while doing the job and spliced paragraphs together as one. You would be listening about one character and jump to another without even a pause. Need the next book on audio.
By Troy - Atlanta on 2019-05-07
This is an optimistic look at the future, but ...
bad things are coming. It is the first book in the series. Without the series finished, it can be frustrating to read the book and then have to wait "who knows how long?" for the series to be finished. The characters and the created near-term earth world were well done. I guess I will have to wait for the next book in the series.
By DocJim on 2019-05-07
Enjoyable Listen and Read
Enjoyed the book a lot. The author does a great job showing how and alien machine and AI might work. He creates a great alliance between man and machine. Thought the voice acting on this one was great. Very enjoyable.
By Natalie on 2019-05-07
Smart story, really got me thinking
Smart story, really got me thinking. We'll thought out technology and amazing description. Thought the narration here was also spot on and engaging. Great listen!
By Michael on 2019-05-07
Rating: 4.33
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