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Exclusive Offer 4 Books for £8.49


To draw attention to my NEW website I'm offering readers the exclusive offer of all four books in the Pattern Universe for only £8.49 which works out approximately 50% off the RRP of my books. These eBooks are the full versions and I have included both the ePub and Mobi files together so you can read them on any device. This offer is not extended to any sales platforms out there as this is truly an exclusive offer to visitors to my website. Click the links below to ADD this offer to your Cart, then pay via PayPal or your Credit Card (Please note the Secure Padlock sign in the URL bar indicating you are in a safe environment). 

4 book offer
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It is the policy of this website to provide both the Kindle 'mobi as well as the general 'epub' files for your devices. This means you will download eight files in all, 4 x mobi and 4 x epub. Delete the ones you don't require and copy the ones you want to keep to your device's reading folder. These are provided for your personal use only. Do not redistribute to other parties or websites as all files are coded with the buyer's information. If you have any problems with reading any of the files please contact us and we will endeavour to assist you. This is a 'subject to offer' deal and we reserve the right to withdraw it at any time.  Please observe our terms and conditions at all times.