Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Writer



Every empire has its detractors. The only problem with this is that if not contained, managed and resolved, it results in war. Usually a war that involves everyone whether they like it, or not.

So, once any form of peace is established within multiple societies that share a common aim, the status quo is preferred over instability because only in this way can they all survive and prosper.

Enter some form of organisation secretly (because nobody needs reminding that its necessary) empowered to maintain order amongst them.

ESSG, The Emporium Secret Security Guardians, are tasked with maintaining the peace within the fourteen human worlds and four AI satellites that represent the burgeoning population. With ever expanding trade with each other and worlds outside the Emporium, it is increasingly threatened. both from within and without and the ESSG must keep on top of these matters and deal with them.

Most are resolved through diplomatic means and so the harsher side of the ESSG is rarely observed. But when it becomes necessary the ESSG strikes swiftly, without pause and with one overriding aim. Elimination of all threats to the Pact.

The Pact is a binding agreement between AI and humans to work together for the benefit of all without comprising themselves or each others right to life and liberty. This is what keeps the Emporium stable and must be defended at all costs.