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We moved here in May 2016 which was a warm and delightful Spring time. As soon as we settled we began turning a poorly maintained garden into one worthy of the property. Breaking the clay into workable soil took us two years while the constant incursion of goats and hot baking summers meant we had our work cut out just keeping the few plants we had alive. 

The picture on the left shows it in 2018 after we had successfully transplanted approximately one-hundred Canna plants from three pots we had purchased back in 2016 and planted out. We used excess bamboo from our friends property to create a temporary barrier against the goats while we decided on how to best proceed with securing the land around us without detracting from the natural beauty of the views.

It's fair to say the garden in 2019 looks a lot more like the way we envisaged it in 2016. The oleanders (the only things that goats won't eat - they're poisonous) have grown to give us a natural barrier on the track-side of the house. We've added a fence eight feet in front of them now to protect us from all incursions and moved a steel gate so it serves us better. We've also added two stone paths with lavender borders and illuminated the steps for guests to exit safely after a late night BBQ on the terrace.

The above picture was taken in the early Summer of 2019 and shows the garden maturing. The one-hundred Cannas have now become two to three hundred. The re-positioned gate I mentioned can just be seen in the background along with the new fence which keeps any inquisitive person or animal from seeing into the property from the track. We don't have visitors in the winter, just nosy tourists on their quad bikes in the summer (and only sometimes) when they see the track and think it's worth exploring.

Usually we go weeks without any sign of humanity and when we do it is fleeting and in the distance. That's how isolated we are here and we love it.

Next year we hope to plant some more fruit trees. We lost most of them to the animals, but now it's all secured we want two orange, a sharon fruit, and an apple tree to go with the three figs and the pomegranate that fruited for the first time this year.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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