Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Writer

The Mutant Hunter

The Mutant Hunter

Book 1 of the Dispersal Saga



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  • Description

An Action-Packed Space Opera

AWA Agent Philus Grady is sent on a clandestine investigation of a terraformed planet suspected of being the cause of growing hostilities between the CORE Navy and the Allied Worlds. 

Grady's unique training uncovers the planet's amazing secret of a repressed truth that will alter history, a truth that almost gets him killed. In a race against time and enemy ships, Grady has to expose the CORE's secret, but will the news spark the war they all fear is coming.

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ManufacturerTobias Roote Books Ltd

Product reviews (7)

Very Good!
I enjoyed reading this story and look forward to more books of the same series. This author has written some or the best SIFI available.
By Thomas C. Rasey on 2019-05-12
Don;t miss this series
Excellent fast-moving novel. The detail on describing the water race was well done and now we anxiously for volume two.
By Allen Patterson on 2019-05-12
Good read
I feel that this book Is a great read. I can't wait for a sequel. Have read quite a few of Tobias' books and enjoyed them all.
By Bob Speaks on 2019-05-12
It took me a little to get into the book ...
It took me a little to get into the book. The set up seemed a little complicated to work out the players, positions etc but after I waded through the initial sections and the story started to progress I found it a very interesting and definitely worth the read.
By Norman P. Hall on 2019-05-12
Fast paced action packed sci-fi adventure story
Fast paced action packed sci-fi adventure story... i enjoyed the book. A bit heavy on the assumptions - not a lot of time was invested in weaving the background story for any readers new to this world / reality - which is he why I held back one star
By Daniels on 2019-05-12
Good vs Evil
A wonderfully told tale of plots inside plots growing with each chapter. I enjoyed the characters, the believable science, and personal conflicts. A secret agent in a space ship, underwater, or jungle all just part of the job of fighting for good over evil.
By Joe on 2019-05-12
Science fiction meets political drama
EDITORIAL REVIEW ~ Special Agent Grady is sent on a seemingly ordinary fact-finding mission to investigate disturbances in another world. While there, he stumbles upon a discovery that threatens the fragile peace of the Empire, as well as threatening his own personal existence. He races against time to uncover and expose the truth, all while struggling through a minefield of political machinations and conflicting interests. This book's plot is admirably ambitious. It introduces readers to a post-war Empire that is composed of different factions, each with their own motives and agendas. The never-ending maneuvers of the respective factions - as well as all the double-crossing - keeps the story moving at an exciting pace and will leave readers constantly guessing about what will happen next. Whilst the book's main strength lies in the plotting and the sci-fi elements [which] are seamlessly integrated into a surprisingly relevant narrative. The author's talent best presents itself during the action-packed battle sequences, especially those involving tactical operations and near-impossible escapes. Fans of the science fiction genre will be satisfied: there are enough advanced technological weapons and talks of DNA mutation with a splice of cloning AND evolutionary theory to keep hardcore sci-fi readers up at night. It mostly delivers on the promise of its ambitious premise [in] the telling of a story that is wonderfully convoluted and filled to the brim with imagination. It strikes the right balance of futuristic science, action, and a very human tale of power, greed, loyalty, and the will to survive. Overall, the book is an adventurous romp through space, whose relentless twists and turns is the very definition of escapist reading.
By The Book Review Directory on 2019-05-12
Rating: 4.86