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I love this picture of an alien and human interacting emotionally and physically because it sits at the heart of the sci-fi I write. Whilst there are alien enemies (aren’t there always?) there are also opportunities for allies, friends and companions. In the Pattern Universe Zeke and Zirkos become friends, Pod and Zeke become companions (of a sort) whilst in Exodus we see an artificial ‘human’ intelligence behaving badly as the other AIs try to minimise its influence. Even Arty shows leadership and compassion.

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web buyIt's taken a while, but I'm now able to sell books directly to you from this website using PayPal (or very securely through your credit card). This is in addition to all the other options out there for buying my books.

Obviously, for you the reader you want the convenience of using your favourite sales channel, one that you're comfortable with and whom you have a longterm relationship. I'm not about to suggest you drop them in favour of buying from me directly, hence the Books2Read link you will see everywhere. Choose your book, select to buy off my site or click the link to go to your preferred sales outlet. Either way a single click of the mouse and you're there. Either way I think you will be pleased at the ease and simplicity of looking here first for your next read.


When I was only selling my books on Amazon, the link from the website was easy to setup and really simple for everyone to use.

Since then, however, I've widened the marketplace for Tobias Roote Books to global levels and am now on virtually every platform that will help me reach new readers which left me with a new problem.

Trying to find a simple and easy user-friendly way to manage all the links, sometimes twenty plus, meant spending all my time juggling with page layouts and link formats. I don't want to spend all day trying to make things line up on a web page when I could be doing something more constructive - like writing. So, obviously something needed to happen.

One of my platforms Draft2Digital has a sister site to manage all the links that it provides as part of its 'aggregator service' (they get to all the large and small sales platforms I can't reach). This site, provides an easy to manage link for me because the aggregator will search EVERY nook and cranny where my books are sold and deliver the direct links to the reader in at most two clicks, but normally only one.

What's more is that it will manage those links and keep them current and upto date. That's a lot of help for a busy writer like me.

web buySo, the end result is you will now see a books2read logo like the one here top-left on every book's sales page, which if you click on it you will be taken to a page with my book on it and offered all the options to buy my book in the online shop you prefer to use for downloading ebooks.

It costs you nothing. It costs me nothing, and Books2Read don't charge anyone for the service.

Once you have selected your preferred platform Books2read remembers your choice (using cookies) and the next time you click a books2read link (anywhere in the world on any book sales website) it will take you directly to your preferred book shop. Not bad eh? 

The Books2Read link covers all of these sales platforms all over the world..

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Making New Year's resolutions?

Tobias Roote

I generally ignore such things because I'm not one for following convention, so popular trends like life-changing resolutions tend to be something I do when I feel like it throughout the year. I also only do it when there is good reason, like looking in the mirror after a shower and deciding that too many BBQ's and not enough salads means a steady diet is required.

For me as a writer, resolution is a fundamental work ethic in getting my books started, for finishing them and absolutely essential for ploughing through the final edits before sighing in relief at the  satisfying 'clunk' of the keyboard's 'Publish' button.

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 Out with 2017, in with 2018

2018I thought I'd blog about my writing for a change. It's not that my writing is particularly interesting, just that it's sometimes harder than expected, but almost always, more rewarding than I imagined.

My current work for example, is on the Clone World stories. They develop as I go along and I'm rarely in a situation where my knowledge of the plot or the characters can tell me in advance what is about to occur. The books develop a life of their own. It's the same as writing this blog. I don't know in advance what will result, whether it is going to end up being readworthy enough to go onto the website. My online library is littered with articles that never made it to publish.

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The southern view of the Corfu mountains from Villa Eden

Try as I might, I don't get to write as much as I should.

In case you didn't already know, we live in a large three-bedroomed villa on a very exposed hillside, surrounded on all sides by olive trees. We have no immediate or visible neighbours. With literally hundreds of acres of olive groves around us dotted with the occasional distant empty holiday villa battened down and shuttered against the winter, we have little to do this time of year except work the land.

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A reappraisal of earlier work means a new opportunity.

pattern audioIt took a long time for me to get over the fact that Pattern Ship wasn't a good 'audio' book, which probably reflected the fact that I had nothing to do with producing any of it, from beginning to end. I was eager, naive and in a hurry so didn't pay attention to matters and as a result left myself with an audio commitment that the US producers wouldn't/couldn't follow through on for the remainder of the series. I think they expected me to stump up the cash for everything from thereon. I continue to get royalties, but the company lacks professionalism and diligence in the admin sector. As a result I'm never truly at ease in dealing with them. Their communication is abysmal and whilst there is little, to no contractual obligation, halting the audio book sales is fraught with problems.

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mutanthunter audio 150x150

Introducing Philus Grady, Mutant Hunter

narrated by Edward Beesley

Well, finally here we are. The arrival of Mutant Hunter (Audiobook) is imminent. Only a few more chapters to go before the narrator finishes his work and passes the files across for me to listen to. So far, I'm impressed with Edward's work. He doesn't just 'read' the book out loud, he 'voice acts' the characters and this is backed up with sound effects to help with creating an 'immersive atmosphere'.

Edward J Beesley - NarratorAs the author there are no surprises in the book for me. Yet, when Edward narrates it I find myself listening to the book as though I'd never read it before. I was spellbound. How can that be? 

Anyway, there are thirty-one chapters in all and I'm giving you the chance to listen to the first five of these to help guage people's responses to Edward's style. I think you'll love his British accent and drama-trained voice.

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Will humanity evolve into AI?


A Sunday morning chat over breakfast produced the discussion of a future world where humanity no longer exists as a biological entity, but rather has evolved into artificial life-forms. The very things we are terrified of will eventually prove to be the preferred descendancy of man

We have come incredibly far with new technology in the last fifty years, yet in the next fifty we will go much, much further. "To the stars and beyond", as some Disney character once said. We won't do it as biological entities though, that's where all the problems lie. If we have to cater for our biological species in space for protracted periods, we wouldn’t make it beyond Mars.

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ai armageddon

So, let's talk about AI, Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence, definition: the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

Artificial is unreal, man-made, synthetic. Made from a non natural fabric or substance to emulate or copy something real or natural. The dictionary actually defines artificial as: made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural.

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