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A Summer Project:

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 I decided to do something different this summer. 

When the heat gets too much to spend time outdoors working on the land I tend to write or do anything that relates to staying in the shade and reducing my heat stress. This year I decided to build a website for authors, specifically Science Fiction authors. It was for a domain I'd had for a few years that I always had the intention of turning into something that would reflect the genre that I write for.

The website has multiple interests as its foundation. Firstly, it informs everyone of interesting articles and stories gleaned from around the globe. Mostly these are scientific and academic, but they are compiled from well-informed sources. These point the reader to myriad facts and theories that permeate our 21st century world and create inspirational triggers for new concepts or plots for further forays into the exciting worlds of science fiction.

Secondly, I write reviews for authors on books I have read. The intention here is to provide insight and recognition of the efforts the writer has gone to carry a story in the eyes of the reader. It might be technological, or it could be the flow of the book, or development of characters, or the fluency of the plot. I try to give the author a critical review of their work that can be used in quotes elsewhere to help readers make informed decisions on their next read.

Next my site produces on-site stories. These are termed 'flash fiction' and are complete works written in approximately 1,000 words. It's a coffee-break book and it's a lot harder than it looks to keep a complete story within these parameters. As such it's an excellent exercise in writing concisely, but with passion.

Lastly, I have produced the bookshelf. A place where the writer can sell their books without any control on price, length or other restrictions. SFBR Marketing and promotion opportunities are currently unequalled in the eBook market around the world. So, it's worth investing in the site because it offers so much to the published author. Yet, still gives the reader an inspiring source for their long-term future reading pleasure. The more popular it becomes, the greater the resource benefits will be.

The website was launched in September 2019 where I introduced it to the general writing community. I believed that, as there were only a limited number of sales platforms out there of which none provided a genre-specific experience for both author and reader, that it would be an automatic success. It has proven not to be the case and today in November, the website still struggles to attract any support from the writing community out there. Let's hope that this changes in 2020 as it would be a shame to lose such a positive contribution to the Indie marketplace.

Some official background: is owned and managed by NDY Digital Publishers Ltd.

The site is exclusively for digital science fiction novels of all sub-genres.

All author memberships are FREE and you can publish as many books as you wish without restriction.

NDY take a 30% commission on all sales, but cover all transaction costs and local taxes. Payment is made to the author monthly via PayPal although the website takes reader payments via Stripe and PayPal. NDY will promote all ebooks equally at no charge to the author or consumer. 

Currently digital format is ePub, but Mobi and MP3 will soon be added to provide a complete digital service.

Please send me a private message if you have any questions about this project.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020
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