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Welcome to the Nubl Wars Fan Page 

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Please feel free to click any of the links to go directly to your choice of download site to obtain my book. If you would like the print version I would very much prefer you to buy from Createspace because they give me a better royalty rate. However, don't let me stop you from buying on Amazon if you prefer.

Date of Publication Oct 3rd, 2015
Language(s) English
Genre Science Fiction/Space Opera/Adventure
Pages 307 pages
Average Rating 4.0/5.0
e-Book Yes
Print Yes


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The end is just the beginning...

The continuing story....
As the post-attack chaos forces Earth governments to realise they no longer have the ability to maintain order; the destiny of mankind falls to a select group of human and artificial intelligence to prepare a defence against annihilation by the Nubl hives. 
Pod’s growing sentience causes problems when she lets her guard down. Zeke gets severely wounded, ultimately forcing the mutating DNA to intensify its activities. His friends and colleagues believe he cannot survive the transformation, but Zeke doesn’t give up easily. 
Meanwhile, Arty obtains a mental boost. Believing he has the answer to everything, he makes plans to do what he can to protect humanity from extinction. Pennington baulks and demands all the high-calibre AI’s be controlled - preferably by him. This doesn’t go down well with humans and AI alike, but there is no time to dwell on the issue, because the Nubl are coming. 

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I write Space Opera SF and books that encourage the idea that a future world with AI is not necessarily a bleak place.

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