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A Look Behind the Scenes of the Pattern Universe

As an avid SFF enthusiast throughout my life I have probably over the years, read and forgotten more books than I care to think about today. It’s been a span of over forty years and only during the last four of them have I attempted to write my own.

Still, I think my efforts have been worthwhile, particularly in my debut book, The Pattern Ship and the spin-off’s from that book. As a writer I have learned that people like to see innovation in manageable chunks, Yes, there is sometimes a lack of clarity in the speed of achieving milestones, but the stories have never been about realistic timescales, or characters. It’s been about the expanse of space and the opportunity generated by science. We would still be in the stone-age without that.

Where Pattern Ship dealt with closer to home issues, of world government, personal safety, progress of science at the microscopic level, and artificial intelligence, it also dealt with more esoteric issues, such as sentience, transformation and virtuality. The message behind the story was that all of these things are coming (they’re pretty much inevitable) and we’re going to see dramatic shifts in how humanity copes with all of these changes. We’re on the cusp of a new beginning, yet we fight about the past and who has what.

The Nubl are a message from the future, they’re humanity in a thousand, or so years. Artificial Intelligence with its origins in humanity, thinking and feeling as we do, will inherit all of our faults. Over time in the virtuality of cyberspace, our ‘artificially maintained’ reason for life will degenerate until the very meaning of our existence will be forgotten, archived in the depths of a memory module that is never accessed.

In POD, the growing sentience of an artificial intelligence showed that it would, when exposed to humanity, use it as a medium with which to evaluate itself and the universe around it. We do not have the means to halt the progression of AI, but we do have the means to shape it. Too much fear of progress is driving humanity to lock down much of the natural driving force. This person agrees that whilst SKYNET is a definate possibility, there are also more positive influences developing out there and these will hopefully maintain a balance in the centuries to come.

Arty is another example of intelligence growing beyond humanity’s ability to understand and cope - and because of that, it is crippled by those who fear its superiority when they should be amazed at humanity’s inventiveness. Typically, it’s the military that fear the most and create the ideal conditions for their own fears to be realised.

There are other hidden messages in both Nubl Wars, and Sky City that deal with cyclical events and the act of facing our fears. Converting ourselves into digital beings or evolving into a spiritual entity, at one with the cosmos, are just some of the aspects treading the pages of this series. Then, of course, there is time travel with the inevitable question at the end asking, ‘just who is Kelly?’

Did you also pick up the significance of the circular time reference of Arty being thrown back in time to save the Arty in the recent past? What would have happened if Kelly hadn’t received that secret code? Did it occur in a parallel universe for it to be considered necessary to intervene in this one?

There is more to come in this series, the working title of ‘Deliverance’ is in the planning stages and will take Zeke, Pod and all of the other characters into a new fast, action-packed adventure that will pave the way for the further series introduced already in the first book ‘Artis Prime’. Epsilon Gamma is in the throes of being written and is in fact the prequel covering the construction of RIGA and her early adventures on the way to Epsilon Gamma.

Well, for the time being that’s it. I do hope you’ve enjoyed the brief insight into my fictional universe.

I write Space Opera SF and books that encourage the idea that a future world with AI is not necessarily a bleak place.

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