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A Look Behind the Scenes of the Pattern Universe

As an avid SFF enthusiast throughout my life I have probably over the years, read and forgotten more books than I care to think about today. It’s been a span of over forty years and only during the last four of them have I attempted to write my own.

Still, I think my efforts have been worthwhile, particularly in my debut book, The Pattern Ship and the spin-off’s from that book. As a writer I have learned that people like to see innovation in manageable chunks, Yes, there is sometimes a lack of clarity in the speed of achieving milestones, but the stories have never been about realistic timescales, or characters. It’s been about the expanse of space and the opportunity generated by science. We would still be in the stone-age without that.

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The concept of 'Alpha Station'

(Pod, book 2 of 'The Pattern Universe' series)


The idea of having a Space Station hollowed out of a NEO (Near Earth Object) or NEA (Near Earth Asteroid) is not a matter of science fiction, but an issue of logistics and finance.

We already have the technology available to reach space, the ability to navigate to an asteroid, harness it with the intention of dragging it into a closer, lower orbit and then mining the metals, frozen gases and water out of it until its an empty husk.

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pattern-audio& also now in AUDIO ...

The Pattern Ship has been made into an audio book thanks to a publishing offer from who contacted me a few days ago to offer their services.

After a flurry of activity between SciFi and myself, we reached an agreement to create an audio book for publication of The Pattern Ship for distribution digitally on Amazon, ACX and iTunes.

This is a major 'thumbs up' for my first book's list of successes in just the two short months since publication.

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I write Space Opera SF and books that encourage the idea that a future world with AI is not necessarily a bleak place.

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