Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Writer

The Planet Tempest

It slept.

The fierce storm raged through alternating day and night skies, constantly ripping black forbidding clouds to shreds forcing them to reform, changing direction, rending them again until colours became uniform, featureless, no beginning, endless.

Grey and black mist driven into dense blankets compressed downwards toward fierce seas below. Even here held no respite. Attacked by storm above, tempest below, the dark matter of the cloud merged with the white foam scudded spray of boiling ocean until it became one vast impenetrable barrier.

Underneath the surface currents swirled, driven by deep tempests riven from the depths, storms the like of which had never been seen. The planet, it seemed, was at war with itself. The elements now pitted against the natural forces that begat them. Nature's violent anger swelled moment on moment as seas broiled and frothed until merged with roiling clouds and rain it created continent sized zones of indescribable mayhem.

Still, it slept.

Land, far from the action began to thrust itself into the battle. It erupted and quaked, bursting through cooling crusts; vaporising primitive vegetation, seeking an enemy and mate within the maelstrom. Sensing the battle far across seas it drove its cracks and eruptions under water deeper and deeper, forcing gases and bedrock to combust explosively; the sheer power, despite oxygen to feed it, driving its flames causing seawater to boil adding its natural forces to the melee that was 'a world storm'

The combined might of the storm above, below and under forged itself into a wave of fury, the elements forcing air sea and land into an increasing spiral of perpetual combat driving itself to dizzy new heights of awesome and terrifying power until finally, the planet massively shuddered, tipped on its axis and everything changed.

Elements now confused by the sudden redirection of polarities calmed. The air turbulence that previously would have torn anything of substance asunder settled, the air it was throwing around ceased to rage across land and sea.

The respite bought seas and oceans to a calm allowing the stormy depths to settle back to their former tranquility while land, much harder to pacify after such a raging tempest went from absolute fury to recalcitrant anger to petulant simmer. Cauldrons of magma so recently spewing high into the air settled back to gentle and slowing river flows sedately filling holes and cracks in the earth where previously it had forged ragged canyons and cliffs.

Clouds formed, initially black, full of moisture and volcanic dust risen from the great storm now rained down on the seas and lands. Electricity, an immense power that crackled and fizzed, spent itself in great strikes across the heavens. In time the air cleared the moisture and dust becoming bound into the land below, the once black clouds now white and clean.

Finally, the distant sun stabbed itself a path through the atmosphere, heating the chilled planet below, its rays swept across surfaces creating warm pools, raising  temperatures until steam arose from mud and sand. Green began to force itself into existence healing naked scars as the land slowly forgave and allowed itself to be reconquered by life.

It awoke.

I write Space Opera SF and books that encourage the idea that a future world with AI is not necessarily a bleak place.

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