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RIGA is a new kind of heroine set in a future time where AIs and humans live, if not alongside each other, at least in peace and mutual respect of their differences. She is non-human, but there is much about her that is yet to unravel because neither is she an AI in the strict sense of the meaning.

The Empirum within which they all live and trade is at best a frail alliance, easily upset and driven to a war footing if not contained. The threat of meltdown is always just under the surface and although the stories don't dwell on the politics, or the social struggles, there is evidence all around where RIGA is required to act, often alone and without official guidance. Her decisions are final, her justice swift and her tolerance of those who would risk the fragile peace is permanently set at zero.

Whilst all of these books are standalone, there are hints of other stories within each episode. In the end there are plots within plots and one thing leads to another. RIGA is unique and she is still developing, but for what hidden purpose does she exist. Read the novels to find the answer.

RIGA,AI - Artis Prime is the second book (due to be published in Jan/Feb 2015) in what will ultimately be, the Pattern Universe II series. 'Epsilon Gamma' is the first (still being written), but it is not essential to read each book in sequence. The third 'Zeta Nine' will follow at some point. There are more books planned.

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I write Space Opera SF and books that encourage the idea that a future world with AI is not necessarily a bleak place.

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