Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Author

A Look Behind the Scenes of the Pattern Universe

As an avid SFF enthusiast throughout my life I have probably over the years, read and forgotten more books than I care to think about today. It’s been a span of over forty years and only during the last four of them have I attempted to write my own.

Still, I think my efforts have been worthwhile, particularly in my debut book, The Pattern Ship and the spin-off’s from that book. As a writer I have learned that people like to see innovation in manageable chunks, Yes, there is sometimes a lack of clarity in the speed of achieving milestones, but the stories have never been about realistic timescales, or characters. It’s been about the expanse of space and the opportunity generated by science. We would still be in the stone-age without that.

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Every empire has its detractors. The only problem with this is that if not contained, managed and resolved, it results in war. Usually a war that involves everyone whether they like it, or not.

So, once any form of peace is established within multiple societies that share a common aim, the status quo is preferred over instability because only in this way can they all survive and prosper.

Enter some form of organisation secretly (because nobody needs reminding that its necessary) empowered to maintain order amongst them.

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artis prime2

RIGA,AI is a new kind of heroine set in a future time where AI's and humans live, if not alongside each other, at least in peace and mutual respect of their differences. She is non-human, but there is much about her that is yet to unravel because neither is she an AI in the strict sense of the meaning.

Who built her? Why? These questions remain unanswered as she attempts to find her way through a minefield of plots and intrigues spanning three empires. Her unique skills provide her with the tools to manage a wide variety of functions for her adopted home, Epsilon Gamma. As such, RIGA often finds herself acting out the roles of Diplomat, Assassin and Spy within a single mission.

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The Empirum

The Empirum was forged after a large colony of humans and warring AI's finally agreed a truce. They had fought against each other for centuries, to the brink of mutual destruction before reason prevailed and a fragile peace was established.

At the heart of the problem lay the humans’ innate fear that they could not remain free in a world where independent artificial intelligence prevailed, so naturally attempted to eradicate them. AI's just wanted to live; they would happily accept any terms with humans that allowed both to coexist in peace. Each believed the other was the cause of their troubles, although none, not even the AI's, could remember what sparked the war.

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The concept of 'Alpha Station'

(Pod, book 2 of 'The Pattern Universe' series)


The idea of having a Space Station hollowed out of a NEO (Near Earth Object) or NEA (Near Earth Asteroid) is not a matter of science fiction, but an issue of logistics and finance.

We already have the technology available to reach space, the ability to navigate to an asteroid, harness it with the intention of dragging it into a closer, lower orbit and then mining the metals, frozen gases and water out of it until its an empty husk.

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