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Lorgia's Drift - A RIM Station

In every galaxy where there is order and rule of law, there are also rim worlds. Those that bleed the edges of known space and repel all efforts of civilisation. There the outcasts, outlaws and those who would not be found reside in an outstation complex known as Lorgia’s Drift.

Lorgia was originally a miner who shunned civilisation and lived right on the edge of known space. He spent his time hunting down rare elements and it wasn’t until after his death some fourteen centuries ago, that it was discovered he was immensely wealthy. With nothing to spend his money on, he indulged himself in developing a space station home from an old ‘mine & refine’ platform that had been left behind by a corporation that had lost it’s license to operate. He’d quietly towed it to the outer rim and settled it using much of his wealth on building it into a complex worthy of some major corporations.

After he died, a legal representative traced three relatives whom Lorgia had specified in his will and informed them they were the proud owners of Lorgia’s Drift, but to claim it they had to relocate and settle there. Two outright refused and the third took their shares and moved lock, stock and barrel to the station. Within ten years he had built it into a major hub of unofficial and illegal activities that were banned elsewhere in the Alliance. It quickly became the centre of black market trade and services and gasinedan enviable reputation and trade balance.

Now it was a major corporation ‘The Lorgia Trust’ and it had converted much of that illicit trade and services into a major business enterprise and become a major player in the corporations arena as well as the Fibrella Alliance, where it’s careful packaging of offerings gained it envious trade licenses that other corporations would bite their hands off for. There had too date, been three attempted hostile takeovers of Lorgia Trust. All were met with stone-faced resistance which culminated in the collapse of the takeovers and often the resignation of the instigators. In each instance, the Trust gained one aspect of the aggressive corporation’s assets, as compensationary payment.

Unknown to the corporations and the governments, The biggest business conducted by the Lorgia’s Trust was espionage and assassinations. They were anti-clone, but also anti mutant-hunting - accusing the corporations and Fibrella Alliance of barbaric practices. They woulld allow clones to operate within their territory, but only if they came clean and identified themselves openly. Mutant clones were banned, but the Trust traded with those it knew of and kept them safe from discovery. Under the Trust’s protection they survived and whilst not prospering, were stabiising and researching their own medical issues in the hope of resolving their futures. It was thought that the Trust was their benefactor in this research and much of the income derived from trade was ploughed into such endeavours.

Welcome to the MUTANT HUNTER Fan Page 

mutant hunter

Please feel free to click any of the links to go directly to your choice of download site to obtain my book. If you would like the print version I would very much prefer you to buy from Createspace because they give me a better royalty rate. However, don't let me stop you from buying on Amazon if you prefer.

Date of Publication April 30th 2017
Language(s) English
Genre Science Fiction/Space Opera/Adventure
Pages 183 pages
Average Rating 4.0/5.0
e-Book Yes
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Grady is tasked with hunting down errant mutant colonies to establish if they’re stable enough to be reclassified as citizens and included within the protection of the Empire.

He comes hard up against it when he meets up with Agent Shrilla Beyeur who takes out mutant hunters with ‘extreme prejudice’.

Luckily, Grady isn’t her target today. That’s probably the only good news on the horizon, but then Grady isn’t all he seems either, or to be exact, he’s a lot more than he appears. When Agent Shrilla finds out who Grady ‘really’ works for, it’s all she can do not to put a bullet in his back.

The Corporate enemy is out there mopping up evidence of its own misdeeds and the survival of a whole planet may depend on their abilities. Can they overcome their mutual distrust to get the job done, or will prejudice and persecution rear its ugly head. Not all is as it seems, and in a time of confusion where even the origins of their civilisation are called into question, Grady needs to hold true to his beliefs even though he may lose everything, including his life.


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