Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Writer


The Capellan Peninsula

the rigelian gambit 400x533The Capellan Peninsula consists of four terraformed planets in an extended part of the galaxy that form the Clone Worlds universe. All within close vicinity of each other are settled by a highly technical and scientifically based population which was primarily set aside as a research zone for the Empire. As such security was high, but built as it was, into the daily life of the Capellans they were often blind to its operation, though protected by it all the same.

Capella, One, Two, Three, and Four as they are called, develop and exclusively manufacture the clone technology that the Empire depends on for its workforce. Capella Four, the last to be terraformed and  settled, but also the most advanced, became the political capital of the Peninsula. All neogitations diplomatically or financial for all four of the planets operate through the single point of contact that is known as the Senate.

By necessity, the Senate is made up of all the interested parties of Capella, being the financial holders of the Capellan wealth, be it in domestic manufacturing or wholesaling. The Empire always desperate for workers, and clones depends on the Capellans to provide the only means of meeting that supply and ensuring loyalty and productivity. Clones have little, or no rights and are owned exclusively by corporations that own and control planets and through this resulting economic strength, also control much of the Empire.

The CORE Navy is their security fleet and it is this force that keeps most of the Clone Worlds in check by regularly patrolling the trade routes between planets. They keep piracy to a minimum, but extract tolls from ships that ply the routes, but they don't have it all their own way. Capellan planets and airspace are off-limits to the CORE unless they accept the demand for neutrality. There are other 'neutral zones' scattered about the galaxy, but the CORE navy increasingly encroach on all of these areas pushing the envelope of tolerance to the limit.

Because of this Capellans are constantly under pressure to relinquish their hold on the cloning technology and permit corporations to manufacture 'under license' which they knew would represent the first move in the corporations taking the technology for themselves. Having to purchase the finished product from Capellans means the corporations are forever at risk of short supply, Capellan ethics, and financial flare-ups. The corporations are growing tired of this and are beginning to fight back in an effort to force the Capellans to the negotiating table.

What began as a series of pressure points along the trade routes; increasing tolls, theft of clone parts and interception of clone deliveries that put the Capellans in breach of contract with their customers, now quickly escalated into bribery of officials, corrupting of senators, blackmail, and threats. Slowly the corporations stranglehold on trade began to affect the Capellan industries and the Emperor and his security are forced to intervene to relieve the pressure.

This brings its own problems and the Emperor, knowing the pressure they were under also began to extort them to expand clone operations into more central (defendable) areas of the Empire. All of Capella could see the inexorable progress of the economic war bearing down on them from the two opposing forces. What none could see was the involvement of the Rift in all of this and while most piracy was being conducted clandestinely by the CORE Navy or the corporations themselves, an increasing amount was also attributed to real piracy originating in the Rift.

Then a prominant figure in the Senate is assassinated and nobody will acknowledge responsibility. While the external forces attempt to proportion blame and take further initiatives the Capellan Senate members begin to fall into acceptance of a repeal of the laws that kept technology and manufacturing under their control. Things are unravelling fast, but there is much more going on than even the known players are aware of, someone else is pulling strings and the Emperor needs to know who.

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I write Space Opera SF and books that encourage the idea that a future world with AI is not necessarily a bleak place.