Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Writer

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Science fiction meets political drama in this intriguing offering by author Tobias Roote.

Special Agent Grady is sent on a seemingly ordinary fact-finding mission to investigate disturbances in another world. While there, he stumbles upon a discovery that threatens the fragile peace of the Empire, as well as threatening his own personal existence. He races against time to uncover and expose the truth, all while struggling through a minefield of political machinations and conflicting interests.

This book's plot is admirably ambitious. It introduces readers to a post-war Empire that is composed of different factions, each with their own motives and agendas. The never-ending maneuvers of the respective factions - as well as all the double-crossing - keeps the story moving at an exciting pace and will leave readers constantly guessing about what will happen next.

Whilst the book's main strength lies in the plotting and the sci-fi elements [which] are seamlessly integrated into a surprisingly relevant narrative. The author's talent best presents itself during the action-packed battle sequences, especially those involving tactical operations and near-impossible escapes.

Fans of the science fiction genre will be satisfied: there are enough advanced technological weapons and talks of DNA mutation with a splice of cloning AND evolutionary theory to keep hardcore sci-fi readers up at night. It mostly delivers on the promise of its ambitious premise [in] the telling of a story that is wonderfully convoluted and filled to the brim with imagination. It strikes the right balance of futuristic science, action, and a very human tale of power, greed, loyalty, and the will to survive.

Overall, the book is an adventurous romp through space, whose relentless twists and turns is the very definition of escapist reading.

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