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The Mutant Hunter is the first of a series of non-linear stories taking place in a future universe far from Earth and present day humanity.

The Mutant Hunters evolved at the end of the Clone Wars. Small colonies of mutant clones continued to be discovered, mainly from outer less civilised areas where they had hidden during the cleansing. The Corporations refused amnesty even though the war had been lost and they had agreed to their protection. to many, the threat to the genepool was too great and so a clandestine specialist bounty hunter evolved to find and eradicate any unknown enclaves that were discovered before the Alliance of Worlds could provide protection.

These hunters weren’t evil people, although many liberalists considered them to be so. Many were survivors of the GT2 virus and were therefore immune to its effects. Many had lost loved ones, or had been in the middle of the virus outbreaks and recognised the threat for what it was - potentially apocalyptic.

The MH were a loose group of self employed pilot fighters. They typically had small, fast ships that were loaded with detection equipment and defensive armaments as well as major weapons of aggression. There were some enclaves that were not backward, with technology in abundance and links to Corporation worlds that kept them supplied and provided intelligence. It became a smuggling and pirate type operation which meant the odds were often not in the hunter’s favour. If the hunter came up against a large force, they could call in the Navy, or land military, but forfeit their bounty in the process. As a result the hunters would instead join forces and bring in mercenaries who would agree to a division of rewards or set pay for servies and cooperation.

The Clone Corporations, those involved heavily in cloning humans for specific duties and professions, obviously had a different perspective on the issue of cloning. Although they recognised the latent issues of mutant clones breeding unstable combinations which caused the initial diseases and viruses, they felt that throwing out the baby with the bathwater to be an overly zealous response. Nonetheless, as part of the peace accord, all corporations had agreed to halt any and all spliced DNA experiments and to withdraw any such clones from the chain of society. What happened to the clones was unknown. Many stories of ships being loaded with ‘colonies’ and sent directly into one of the two yellow suns that inhabited the Celibri Belt were recounted in the many bars on the Clone Worlds.

I write Space Opera SF and books that encourage the idea that a future world with AI is not necessarily a bleak place.

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