Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Writer

Febrillo Worlds Alliance

Febrillo Worlds Alliance is a group of planets that foreswore against cloning in all guises. They fought the ‘Clone Wars’ to rid themselves of the mutated species that were developing in their midst; corrupting the gene pool, they were the primary cause of the GeneX (GX) virus and the GenType2 (GT2) which ended up twice as virulent. Whilst the GX virus killed only those with mutation weaknesses, the GT2 strain crossed over and began wiping out whole colonies of healthy gene pool.

While Corporations control governments and worlds it was impossible to eradicate the problem while their commercial interests took precedence. Resistance fighters made headway over a hundred year rebellion and once they took control of one world, the fight was on to free other planets of the pestilence.

The Clone Wars were not a single war, but a series of space and land battles for control of planets, and from there removal of the clone mutants by successive cleansings; themselves the subject of heavy criticism by liberalists, accusing the Febrillists of genocide and mass murder. Whilst not far from the truth, the desire for humanity to survive, made for some difficult decisions with limited options.

Once the problem had been removed, the member planets of the Febrillo uprisings that had fought the Corporations formed an Alliance and held a strong line of defence against the Corporations still existing ‘Clone Worlds’ and whilst the Corporate interests decided that they could not afford to keep losing planets, they also couldn’t afford to maintain a war. A stalemate ensued, one that gave way to a peace accord that eventually ended hostilities.

I write Space Opera SF and books that encourage the idea that a future world with AI is not necessarily a bleak place.

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