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Buying books off my website

It's taken a while, but I'm now able to sell books directly to you from this website using PayPal (or very securely through your credit card). This is in addition to all the other options out there for buying my books.

Obviously, for you the reader you want the convenience of using your favourite sales channel, one that you're comfortable with and whom you have a longterm relationship. I'm not about to suggest you drop them in favour of buying from me directly, hence the Books2Read link you will see everywhere. Choose your book, select to buy off my site or click the link to go to your preferred sales outlet. Either way a single click of the mouse and you're there. Either way I think you will be pleased at the ease and simplicity of looking here first for your next read.


NEW! Easy Link to ALL Sales Platforms

When I was only selling my books on Amazon, the link from the website was easy to setup and really simple for everyone to use.

Since then, however, I've widened the marketplace for Tobias Roote Books to global levels and am now on virtually every platform that will help me reach new readers which left me with a new problem.

Trying to find a simple and easy user-friendly way to manage all the links, sometimes twenty plus, meant spending all my time juggling with page layouts and link formats. I don't want to spend all day trying to make things line up on a web page when I could be doing something more constructive - like writing. So, obviously something needed to happen.

One of my platforms Draft2Digital has a sister site to manage all the links that it provides as part of its 'aggregator service' (they get to all the large and small sales platforms I can't reach). This site, provides an easy to manage link for me because the aggregator will search EVERY nook and cranny where my books are sold and deliver the direct links to the reader in at most two clicks, but normally only one.

What's more is that it will manage those links and keep them current and upto date. That's a lot of help for a busy writer like me.

So, the end result is you will now see a books2read logo like the one here top-left on every book's sales page, which if you click on it you will be taken to a page with my book on it and offered all the options to buy my book in the online shop you prefer to use for downloading ebooks.

It costs you nothing. It costs me nothing, and Books2Read don't charge anyone for the service.

Once you have selected your preferred platform Books2read remembers your choice (using cookies) and the next time you click a books2read link (anywhere in the world on any book sales website) it will take you directly to your preferred book shop. Not bad eh? 

Tobias RooteWriter's Resolution for 2018

Making New Year's resolutions?

I generally ignore such things because I'm not one for following convention, so popular trends like life-changing resolutions tend to be something I do when I feel like it throughout the year. I also only do it when there is good reason, like looking in the mirror after a shower and deciding that too many BBQ's and not enough salads means a steady diet is required.

For me as a writer, resolution is a fundamental work ethic in getting my books started, for finishing them and absolutely essential for ploughing through the final edits before sighing in relief at the  satisfying 'clunk' of the keyboard's 'Publish' button.

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I write Space Opera SF and books that encourage the idea that a future world with AI is not necessarily a bleak place.