Tobias Roote

Science Fiction Author

Tobias Roote began writing in 2012 while recuperating from a long illness. He moved to the island of Corfu, where he had time on his hands and a wild imagination that needed an outlet. His enthusiastic writing quickly evolved into an 80,000 word story that although has not yet managed to get published, provided a positive springboard into several other novels that did.

'Mercury's Secret' started as a writing exercise and ended up as an espionage/thriller. Then his best-selling and favourite Sci-Fi novel 'The Pattern Ship' was published at the end of 2013. Followed in April 2014 by 'POD', the sequel. Nubl Wars is due out in April 2015 which will complete the trilogy. (Deliverance is to be included in the Nubl Wars).

Another year on and with over 20,000 books sold, Tobias now travels around Europe looking for inspiration for yet another Sci-Fi story. At 62 years young, with over 50 years of reading science fiction behind him, Tobias knows that his readers like fast-paced action filled plots, with plenty of space drama and alien battle scenes.

"I write best when I type fast and don't think too deeply about where I'm going with it. Pattern Ship went like that and so did POD and both of them were a great success. I write worst when I over-think things and try to outguess what the reader is looking for. I have to remember that if I like it, they will like it too - and then I crack on."

Les corfu

Roote, who views himself as an ardent supporter of post-humanism, delivers all of this in spectacular fashion. Never one to follow rules, his own sense of wonder at what the future holds drives his imagination to consider 'what if' scenarios involving humans, trans & post-humans and artificial intelligence.

Tobias is currently working on a new series of books, adding to the richness of the universe he first created in 'The Pattern Ship'. His first book of 2015, 'ARTIS PRIME' is a solid 100,000 word novel set in another system and has, at its heart, a biologically enhanced character that may yet represent all of our futures - who knows.

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I write Space Opera SF and books that encourage the idea that a future world with AI is not necessarily a bleak place.

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