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It's all about writing stuff

Writing is a dream fulfilled, one I never knew I dreamt.

I have been writing on and off for over twenty years. Mostly dreamy and uninspired; a few pages here and there exploring my imagination and creative abilities, and that was all.

My best work was confined to writing business letters and consultancy reports, really dry content.

Tobias Roote, passing in time in Corfu Town

It took a life changing period to set me off on a personal journey that eventually put me in touch with my creative side and released whatever potential I have as a writer.

I'm not there yet, the journey is proving enjoyable and immensely satisfying. So much so I don't want it to finish. The foreign travel and new friends I meet in my new work make me happy and content as a person. I'm not even sure I want to get to my journeys end. 

To travel the distance only to find out I'm not as good as I had hoped to be, or as creative as people tell me I am, wouldn't bother me as much as having to give up the lifestyle of a writer.

To write what I think and not have to do anything else is my idea of heaven (this from an atheist). well, you know what I mean.

The fiction I write is completely off the top of my head. It leans heavily on my experiences during my life as well as a terrific grounding in fiction from reading books from when I was a Nipper.

I cut my teeth on Dan Dare, then Isaac Asimov, Theodore Sturgeon's 'The Dreaming Jewels' was one that still stands out after all of these years.

I progressed through the years of reading with all of the famous names, James Clavell, Robert Ludlum, Frank Herbert, Michael Moorcock, Anne McCaffrey, Marion Zimmer Bradley to name just a few of the ones that influenced me over the years. Just because they are not listed here does not mean I didn't read them.

I read everything I could get my hands on, and still do.

I believe that to read fiction the reader wants/needs to suspend reality and 'live' completely in the world the author describes. It's escapism at its best and most positive and it needs to work well. If the author manages to achieve this, even for a few hours; then they are more than a writer, or an author - they are a storyteller which to me, is a magical art.

I hope you will find my novels as entertaining and that you like them enough to tell me, and more importantly tell others.

This world we live in today of electronic relationships means that I will more than likely never get to meet you yet, I hope we can be friends. If we can be that, then I will be more than happy and would hope that my thoughts and scribbles would be adequate repayment for your interest.



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