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Welcome to the home set aside for all my work, some pages of it is flash fiction, others contain excerpts or chapters I have written that didn't make it into the final book. There is some information about me, but mostly its a place where you can find out about what I write and shortcuts for Amazon to download my ebooks.

Shortly there will also be links to purchase hard print copies of all my novels. Thanks for dropping by and if, you are on Facebook, give me a 'like' so I know you are around and keep up to date with my latest efforts.

POD V2 150X200



Book 2 in The Pattern Universe series. published 25th Mar 2014

The AI, POD, is becoming sentient but is having problems coping with its growing awareness.

It has advanced technology which might help in the fight against the Nubl, but the AI is under strict programmed conditioning as to how the technology can be passed on. The humans are more concerned about fighting each other than preparing for the coming war.

Pod is required to stay and help them, but is torn between supporting the bad guys and maintaining its programmed support of space Island. It independently decides it has to make its own preparations in an effort to save them all.

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The Pattern Ship

Book 1 in The Pattern Universe series. published 22nd Dec 2013

When nature itself releases the advanced spaceship buried for millennia, carried in stasis through time, it regenerates itself using solar energy and quickly provides the backdrop for a fast-paced science fiction story that develops into a space opera.

Spanning multiple universes a warring race of artificial intelligence gets to know of the planet and its biological sentience and prepares to eradicate them. Earth must develop the technology to defend themselves before its too late. Only Zeke can prepare them for what is to come.

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Mercury's Secret

Book 1 of 2. published on Amazon 19th Nov 2013

A romance set against a backdrop of international espionage and becomes a race to survive as the old forces left over from the cold war gather to fight over lost secrets that should have died the day the wall came down.

Charlie, a retired government assassin, has to protect his new found love whilst using all his experience to neutralise the enemy and negotiate a path to safety.

This is an Espionage Thriller with a mature edge to it. Check out the five star reviews for some great non-spoiler feedback by previous readers.

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