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This is my website. I built and maintain it, so it is sometimes runs a little clunky or is outdated and lacks up-to-date news. (I'm a lazy web-person, but I find there's so little time).

Here you can find details of all my books, a 'potted' personal history and a 'hopefully' interesting blog of my exploits as I travel and write in my retirement.
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The Pattern Universe Series (Complete)

Patternship retro cover 150x200 POD retro cover 150x200 nubl wars retro cover 150x200 skycity retro cover 150x200

The SAR Chronicles

aaron1stwatcher 150x200 retro cover  





coming in 2017 >>>

aaron watcherwar 150x200 retro cover  

RIGA/AI Space Adventure

artis prime retro cover 150x200






coming in 2017 >>>

epsilon gamma 150x200 retro cover  

The Clone Worlds (Coming 2016/7)

mutant hunter 200x267






coming in 2017 >>>

the mind cloner 150x200 Ektepoi 150x200



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I write Space Opera SF and books that encourage the idea that a future world with AI is not necessarily a bleak place.

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